Ceiling Speakers for Atmos

We recently had the opportunity to visit Dolby Studios in Soho Square, London for a demonstration of their new Atmos surround sound format and to talk about the best ceiling speakers for Atmos. This was courtesy of Onkyo, whose latest range of home cinema amplifiers is designed to provide Dolby Atmos decoding and processing.

The new format steps away from simply adding more audio…

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Grand Designs Cefn Castell Ceiling Speaker System

Cefn Castell Grand Designs Ceiling Speakers

Channel 4’s Grand Designs is back with a bang tonight at 9pm. The featured design is an ultra modern glass and render edifice with panoramic views along the coast of the Llyn Peninsular and a Sonos and BluCube sound system specified by our experts.

As with all Grand Design projects, the finished product is radically stylish and the system needed to be top notch while not distracting attention from the clean, minimalist interior. Unlike many Grand Design projects, there was…

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What type of ceiling speakers do I need – Stereo or Mono?

If you take a look in detail at the in-ceiling and in-wall speakers on our website, you’ll notice that most are described as mono, and that stereo speakers are in the minority.

What you need to remember is that when you bought a pair of conventional stereo box speakers in the past, you were actually buying two matched mono speakers which, when connected to a stereo amplifier, gave you stereo sound in your room. The principle with in-ceiling and in-wall…

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