Lithe Audio Wireless Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers





New from Lithe Audio, a compact and attractive range of wireless Bluetooth ceiling speakers. The three models comprise:

The BT-650 bluetooth speaker pair

The BT-650-SST single bluetooth speaker

The BT-650-SST IP44 rated bluetooth bathroom speaker

With the universal recognition, acceptance & ease of use of Bluetooth this new range of speakers from Lithe Audio is proving very popular. Installation and operation is straightforward and they include the latest ultra-flat, low profile magnetic trimless grilles for a very discreet installation.

Everything is controlled from your Bluetooth transmitting device (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc), so once you’ve paired it with the ceiling speakers, your favourite music is controlled just like playing it through Bluetooth headphones.

The single speakers are ideal for smaller rooms such as bathrooms, where the limited ceiling space often makes it difficult to install a pair of speakers. In larger rooms, installing the stereo pair will give a greater sound dispersion and better bass performance. The stereo pair provides a bridged mono output, which means that both the left and right audio channels are combined and output from both speakers.

The Lithe Audio page on our website lists all three models and includes a short information video, and they have also been the subject of a recent thorough review by Gadget magazine:

Gadget Magazine Review of Lithe Audio speakers

Take a look, and if you would like any further advice or information, please call & speak with one of our sales team.