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Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling speaker Review

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Review


This is the very latest Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Review; Lithe Audio‘s speakers are very much at the top of AV and audio installers wish-lists nowadays, as well as homebuilders and DIYers – and they have just had another great review, this time from SmartHomeGeeks. Their parting comment was: “This is an impressive bit of kit – you can really tell they have thought about the features and developed it accordingly”. They are definitely…

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Lithe Audio Wireless Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Review in The Times

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Review in The Times on Saturday

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Review – Our favourite Bluetooth ceiling speakers were featured in last week’s Times on Saturday Magazine! Unsurprisingly they were very well-received and since the release of the magazine we’ve seen a great uptake in sales.

They are suitable for almost any kind of residential or commercial installation and can be supplied without a PIN code for use with the Amazon Echo Dot, which will then…

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Review: Flush Ceiling Speakers for Shallow Ceiling Voids – KEF Ci160TR

The KEF Ci 160TR is a great solution for those looking for ultra-slim ceiling speakers to fit shallow ceiling voids. These virtually flush ceiling speakers have a mounting depth of just 36mm, making them the slimmest on the market and perfect for modern apartments, yachts and anywhere else where standard depth speakers won’t fit.

The compact and discreet design does not compromise on sound quality; the 114mm mid/bass driver and 25mm tweeter are an…

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