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What size ceiling speakers do I need?

Hi-fi enthusiasts will generally argue that only speakers with big cabinets are capable of reproducing a listening experience that is true to an original recording. This applies if you are looking to create a dedicated listening room, but what if you have more modest requirements? Our experience has shown that most of our customers requirements fall somewhere between just wanting something to sing along to in the shower through to having decent music and/or movie performance in a main…

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Review: Monitor Audio Controlled Performance Range

Monitor Audio Controlled Performance Range

Complete with integrated fully-sealed back boxes, the Monitor Audio Controlled Performance range offers the most direct route to discreet high performance audio in almost any environment. No fewer than ten new models across four performance levels provide a wide choice of in-wall and in-ceiling options. In every case a precision-optimised system of drivers and enclosure perfected by Monitor Audio’s latest technologies, simplifies the installation of discreet high performance sound.

Unlike open-backed designs whose success…

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